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How can Buyers work with Frith Real Estate?

Buyers who come directly to Frith Real Estate will benefit from lower commissions on the transaction when they purchase.

"But wait, you might be thinking, "I am not paying the commission as a buyer"

You may not be responsible for the commission as a buyer, but for a sale to go through, the seller has to be happy with the amount he/she will net in their pocket. For this reason, many deals in Bermuda are done on a net basis where the buyer and seller agree on an amount the seller will net (walk away with) and the buyer pays closing costs (stamp duty, conveyance and commission fees). Therefore, it is in the interest of both the buyer and the seller if the commission on the sale is lower.

"If I work directly with Frith Real Estate without a buyer agent, who can I go to for advice?" 

Frith Real Estate will provide all the general information you need, and then once you have selected a property, Frith Real Estate will provide a list of local property lawyers you can rely on for comprehensive advice on your property purchase. Please note in that in Bermuda you are required to hire a property lawyer to complete your property purchase and your lawyer works exclusively for you.

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